Jupiter news 3-9-2020

Amazed as always at the quality of posts on Centauri Dreams. The depth and brilliance and insight of his posts regarding space, you would be hard pressed to find more detailed information.

So I will begin with Jupiter related. His recent post, entitled “Juno: Looking Deep into Jupiter’s Atmosphere”, proved quite a read! It would seem Jupiter is quite dry, yet the deeper you go, the more water is concentrated. Another thing, who would have thought the Galileo probe actually survived long enough have been “sending back spectrometer measurements of the amount of water it found down to almost 120 kilometers, where atmospheric pressure reached 320 pounds per square inch (22 bar)”

Quite the crush depth for a spacecraft, I’d say. Impressive.

Another recent post was titled “Calculating Life’s Possibilities on Titan” regarding the possibilities of life on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

I won’t go into details, as you should read his work for yourself, and I would be doing him an insult, and disservice to cut and paste quotes from his work. I can only link to it, and *strongly* recommend you peruse and explore his entire body of work. This is strong science, and deserves recognition. Heavy reading, but it’s in terms most people can digest.

Not much new news coming from Jupiter’s moon, IO. However, I came across some neat true color images and related article that were worth the linking to.

And that’s the short list of Jupiter news this week!